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MP2 AWD – ‘All Wheel Drive’ Edition

pan_6The MP2 AWD “All Wheel Drive” edition is now available for order.  The MP2 AWD represents a big step forward for the Mesh Potato.   It is based on the same core as the MP2 Phone and is packaged in an outdoor enclosure with additional features and capabilities, most notably a second radio capable of 2T2R (MIMO) operation on 2.4 and 5GHz bands.  It also has an internal USB port as well as an SD card slot.  This opens up the possibilities for innovation.  The SD slot can host cached content such as World Possible’s Rachel Offline project or any locally important content.  The USB port is available for a variety of uses such as 3G/4G modem for backhaul or backup.

The MP2 AWD is also easier to deploy than previous models as power, data, and telephony have been integrated into a single ethernet connection thanks to the PoE/TL adaptor that is shipped with the device.  Now both phone, data, and power are all served via a single cable.

The default user setup for the MP2 AWD is to use the 2.4GHz radio for local hotspot access and the 5GHz radio to create the backbone network on the mesh but it can be configured to suit a variety of scenarios.

The MP2 AWD has the following features:

  • Everything already included in MP2 Phone including:
    • Atheros AR9331 SoC with a 2.4GHz 802.11n 1×1 router in a single chip
    • Internal antenna for 2.4GHz operation
    • FXS port based on Silicon Labs Si3217x chipset
    • 16/64MB flash/ram memory configuration
    • Two 100Base-T Ethernet ports
    • High-speed UART for console support
  • A second radio module based on the MediaTek/Ralink RT5572 chipset which supports IEEE 802.11bgn 2T2R (2×2 MIMO) operation on 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.
  • Internal SD card slot capable of supporting local content serving, data caching, and general data storage applications.
  • Internal USB port which can be used for a memory device , GSM 3/4G dongle or other USB devices.
  • PoE/TL adaptor which will carry Voice/Data/Power via a single Cat5/6 cable to the MP2 AWD. Similar to a passive PoE connector but also carries voice telephone line connection allowing phone to be plugged in remotely from MP2 AWD

Available for order now on the Village Telco store.