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  • Flashing a Ubiquiti Bullet M2-HP to SECN-4 ? February 11, 2019
    Advice please - I would like to get a new Ubiquiti BulletM2-HP flashed to run SECN-4-x VillageTelco firmware - is that possible? Current this Bullet is at AirOS Firmware Version: XW.v6.1.9 I read here on the OpenWRT site that I first need to revert the
  • Upgrade options October 21, 2018
    I have a network with a number of MR3020 and one WR842n-v3 flashed with SECN-4. I am considering a number of upgrade and replacement routes: 1. UPGRADE TO SECN-5 AND ADD GL-MT300A Am I right in concluding that because of the 4mb memory cap on the MR3020 upgrade SECN-5 now includes 802.11 and this
  • 3rd summit of community networks in Africa, 2-7 Sep, Eastern Cape, South Africa August 20, 2018
    Hi everyone, I'm writing to you to bring to your attention the 3rd summit on Community Networks in Africa that the Association for Progressive Communications is co-organizing with ISOC and Zenzeleni Networks. It will take place from the 2nd to the 7th September in Lubanzi, near Coffee Bay in
  • AR750 Firmware July 16, 2018
    Hi Dayo I have produced a trial version of SECN 5 firmware for the AR750 device, including the VT-RACHEL firmware, which you can download here: Some notes on this firmware below. The AR750M router works well
  • Stanford Liberationtech Needs Your Help June 14, 2018
    Hi All, The Program on Liberation Technologies at Stanford University (LT) has been going strong since circa 2006. Since then, LT has helped thousands design, use, and research technologies that foster the public good. Recently, the decision was made to
  • Updated SECN-5 VT-RACHEL Firmware June 10, 2018
    Updated test firmware for SECN-5 and VT-RACHEL is available for MP02, AR150, AR300M and AR750M devices. This firmware incorporates a DNS filtering facility for Internet access using OpenDNS as the default. The firmware can be downloaded for testing here: MP02 http://download.villagetelco.or
  • Kazakhstan Community Website - Portal June 8, 2018
    Hello Village Telco, This query is maybe - slightly off-topic, but maybe the group that is forming will entertain Village Telco in the future. Several members of a village of 3,000 in Kazakhstan is looking at creating a village - community website or portal. Does anyone have experience with
  • Internet Content Filtering in SECN June 4, 2018
    For those setting up networks in schools and similar places, there is often a need to provide Internet content filtering to prevent access to inappropriate content. A number of organisations provide DNS filtering services to help achieve this. Below is a link to a VillageTelco Wiki page
  • Re: Rachel on Windows PC June 3, 2018
    Hi Maxwell Yes that is certainly possible. Most of the content on the OER2Go website ( is simple static content that you can download and store in the file system on any PC with each module of content in its own directory. An exception is KA Lite which
  • VillageTelco Mesh Potato 2 Running SECN Firmware June 1, 2018
    Hi everyone We are trying to connect two mesh potatoes via ethernet cable for a part of the route with multiple nodes, where WiFi will not work reliably. What do we have to reconfigure in order to have B.A.T.M.A.N. running over the ethernet cable between these two nodes? Thank you. Best,
  • SECN Firmware for AR750M Device - SECN and VT-RACHEL May 28, 2018
    For those interested in small dual band routers, we have recently posted test SECN firmware for the GL-iNet AR750M dual band device. (See: The device is based on the QCA9531 SoC ( and QCA9887 (
  • Fwd: Content Server on router May 25, 2018
    Hi Maxwell Just an update on a couple of things we mentioned previously. I did some more testing with external USB HDD and got it working OK. The issue is just getting enough power to run the HDD. I was able to use a USB cable with a Y connection so that one plug connects to the router and
  • SECN Firmware for AE750 Device May 14, 2018
    Hi All For those interested in small dual band routers, we have recently posted test SECN firmware for the GL-iNet AR750 dual band device. ( The device is based on the QCA9531 SoC ( and QCA9887 ( https://www.qualcomm.
  • Updated SECN-4 FXS Test Firmware May 11, 2018
    Hi All I have posted updated SECN-4 GA01.3-rc1 firmware for the MP02-FXS and MP02-AWD devices. This update includes support for FXS telephony operation for these devices. It is based on the last stable release of OpenWrt 15.05 Chaos Calmer software. Downloads are available as follows: MP02
  • Mesh Potato Availability... April 27, 2018
    Sorry if this is OT, but the Village Telco store is out of stock on ALL mesh potato hardware. Is this temporary, or permanent? I've seen no announcmenets that Village Telco is ceasing operations. What's going on?