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  • Digital Library Project May 11, 2021
    Hi All We have posted some updated firmware for the Digital Library project. The Ver 2 firmware provides some upgraded facilities around the web server and networking. The Ver 2 firmware is only available for devices with 8MB or greater Flash memory, so you will notice a limited range of
  • SECN 6 for MP2-AWD ? May 1, 2021
    Hi All, been a while. just looking to see if there is a SECN 6 release for the MP2-AWD ? i did try and flash the non AWD firmware, with limited success but rolled it back to 5. The MP is only being used as a wifi Router (eg Pri Radio as wifi Wan to another AP, and the Sec Radio as local wifi AP
  • schools in philipines January 22, 2021
    Geachte , Hoogachtend, Michel Daggelinckx
  • USB File Size difference January 3, 2021
    I am having a peculiar problem. I can't seem to figure out how to address it. I have downloaded the module for the DL. As shown in the image the files copied from the source to the Destination (USB drive) are not of the same size. The files size on the USB
  • Digital Library up and running for testing December 31, 2020
    Hi, Happy 2021 and wish you all the very best. It looks like we may need more user friendly documents. At least a document that anyone can read to get the Digital Library (DL) up and running. I would like to work on such document. I need your help. I am using the AR150 (GL_AR150-b2d) and my goal
  • Re: [vt-dev] Abridged summary of [email protected] - 5 updates in 1 topic November 11, 2020
    Greetings Terry I am interested in testing this device here in Jamaica. My Country's Education System is now in a crisis due to the covid 19 virus and virtually no internet connectivity in rural Communities. I can see lots of solutions for this device. Thank you all for this wonderful
  • Digital Library Project November 5, 2020
    Hi All We have been doing some work on a Digital Library Project designed to provide a simple classroom wifi router with a library of locally stored Web content to enable students to access the material without the need for an Internet connection. Attached is a brief outline of the project.
  • MP2.0 RACHEL free to a good home October 16, 2020
    I have a spare MP 2.0 RACHEL that I'm willing to give to a good home. It is this one: It's a couple of years old now, but still perfectly usable and comes complete with RACHEL from the worldpossible project
  • Is the AR750 still viable May 24, 2020
    I hope all are well. I keep promising to build a new network using the AR750 using SECN 6 software A few questions: 1. Is this combination of modem and software still a good choice. 2. I am still not sure how to configure the two frequencies, both as a mesh network; or only one 3.
  • How to start Village Telco in 2020? November 17, 2019
    Hello, I understand that Village Telco is no longer manufacturing. So, what are the alternatives for people who want to deploy a similar project Africa? Thanks Ernest
  • SECN 3.x+ on MP01? October 3, 2019
    I noticed that the downloads section separates the two MP devices and the MP-01 directory tops out at SECN 2.x. Does anyone know if SECN 3 or higher is available for the MP-01? Thanks!
  • MP02 changing GPIO state based on call status August 7, 2019
    Hello, I'm working with an art project that is using Mesh Potato MP02 / Dragino DT01 devices. One of the challenges we are currently facing is figuring out how to do something external to the Potato depending on ringing or call state. Currently I need only to blink some lights when the phone is
  • GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund / Grant Funding: £50,000 - £500,000 May 28, 2019
    Dear Listers, I just wanted to share with you this advert for Fund grantees thatGSMA is running - The GSMA Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Fund. The Fundaims to promote innovation in the use of mobile technology to addresshumanitarian challenges with a focus on developing countries. Grant
  • VT-Rachel Updates May 8, 2019
    Hi All I have posted some updates to the VT-Rachel USB/SD to include additional content modules and some tidy up of the home page. You can download a demo home page .zip file here: Download and unpack the .zip into a working
  • Access Point security April 20, 2019
    Hello All, How do I make the access Point network Open ( without Password). when I choose WPA2 or any encryption and leave password blank. Access point does not come on. when I choose none, device find it difficult to connect Thanks for a help