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Jorge Gomez – Colombia

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Jorge Armando Gomez from Colombia, I am an electronic engineer and Cisco CCNA and very passionate about everything related to the communication technologies.

I live and work in Fusagasugá, a town with about 120,000 persons 60 kilometers away from the capital Bogota with agood telephone infrastructure and cellphone, internet, etc in city but not yet in the many hills around the city.

Where have you deployed your Village Telco?

At this moment I used the Mesh Potato to create two networks: one with 50 Mesh Potatoes and another one with 30. In the next months I hope to install another networks because this kind of network has been attractive for multiple residential complexes for in the city using them to communicate between every house and to the main entrance and to bring additional services such as:

  • Common alarm
  • Interaction with devices like PICS and other for example to open doors, activate light, etc
  • Integrate them with IP PBX etc

Who are the primary users of your network?

Most users are older people and families in general and the primary use has been given is for voice, although we are trying to share internet seeing the performance and I want to implement video surveillance systems with IP cameras connected to Mesh Potato

What  is the single biggest thing that would help you grow?

For last the single biggest thing that would help me grow is knowledge; I’m self learning topics like Asterisk, openwrt, etc

Village Telco - Jorge Gomez

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