OpenWRT on a D-Link DIR-300

D-Link DIR-300

As part of the proof-of-concept work around the Mesh Potato, David and Elektra have more or less settled on the Atheros AR2317 chip as a likely candidate for the Mesh Potato.  This is partly because it is a very affordable chip yet still has all the features needed for the Mesh Potato but also because it is a chip that Atcom have indicate they have ready access to.

In order to confirm that the AR2317 would perform adequately, Elektra purchased a D-Link DIR-300 which is based on the AR2317.  Elektra points out that the DIR-300:

is less then half the price of a Linksys WRT54GL and about a third the price of a Ubiquiti NS-2. It features 4MB flash and 16MB RAM, 4 port switch, 1 WAN port, a 180MHz Mips (Big Endian) CPU, Redboot Open-Source bootloader, a switched mode onboard DC/DC converter, one R-SMA antenna socket, on-board serial port and JTAG port. The device is much smaller than the Linksys WRT54GL, so outdoor boxes can be much cheaper and easier to mount than outdoor boxes for the Linksys.

As an added bonus, Elektra has posted instructions on how to set up OpenWRT a DIR-300 on the Village Telco wiki.

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