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Village Telco In the News

Articles or Presentations about the Village Telco or the Mesh Potato

Sept 2014

Mankosi network in Eastern Cape, South Africa and the new Mesh Potato 2 are profiled in this TechCentral article

Aug 2012

Jose Soto’s Village Telco is profiled in this Ars Technica article, “How one man is bringing VoIP, ‘Net access where telecoms fear to tread”

Village Telco is profiled in this article on innovation in the Stanford Social Innovation Review – Open Innovation – A Muse for Scaling.

Apr 2012

Hacking Wi-Fi Routers to Bring Voice and Data to Rural Communities – Village Telco profile on Core77 Blog

Mar 2012

Steve Song on African Telecommunications and Village Telco at the LIFT12 Conference – VideoSlides

Village Telco is profiled on the VC4Africa website.

Jan 2012

Terry Gillett and Steve Song interviewed on FLOSS Weekly podcast – FLOSS Weekly

Nov 2011

Future Tense – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – David Rowe and Paul-Gardner Stephen are interviewed about Village Telco and the Serval Project.

May 2011

Business Day – Spotlight on Rural Areas for Network Connection

November 2010

MyBroadband – Mobile Industry Needs to Re-invent Itself

Thought Leadership Interview with Steve Song in Africa Telecoms.

October 2010

Sjur Usken is interviewed about the Village Telco. Article is in Norwegian.

August 2010

Steve Song is interviewed by Ulrike Reinhard at MakerFaire Africa.

WebMadeMovies piece on the Village Telco in the Bo-kaap.

TechCentral – ‘Potato’ project to connect African villages

Memeburn – Mesh Potato device could dramatically lower connectivity costs

Tech4Africa – Mesh Potatoes Become Hot Potatoes – Orange Farm Builds Its Own Independent Phone System

April 2010

Radio Australia’s TechStream interviews David Rowe about the Mesh Potato and the Dili Village Telco – Tech Stream 047

David Rowe is interviewed by ITWire – Communications for the rest: Rowe and the Mesh Potato

February 2010

David Rowe is interviewed about his Village Telco pilot in Dili, East Timor – Australian Potato network feeds Dili’s communication needs

November 2009

The Mesh Potato is profiled in the December issue of Linux Journal.  The article, written by Mesh Potato designer David Rowe, profiles some of the challenges and successes that we’ve gone through in bring the Mesh Potato into existence and soon into production.

VoIP Users Conference (VUC) – Steve Song talks with the VUC community about the Village Telco.

October 2009

ICTWorks – Village Telco: Rural Voice Services Business Model

LWN Interview with David Rowe – Open source hardware for telephony

September 2009

Steve Song –  TEDx Talk on the Village Telco and the Mesh Potato

January 2009

David Rowe – A Talk on the Mesh Potato given at

October 2008

ICTUpdate – The Mesh Potato Network

Open source hardware for telephonyOpen source hardware for telephony