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The excellent Gargoyle router project maintains the FonFlash utility which can be used to flash your Mesh Potato.  Directions for installing and flashing with FonFlash on Windows follow.   An OSX version is also available.

Here are the steps for flashing first-generation (MP01) Mesh Potatoes from a Windows platform.

  1. Download and install WinPcap.
  2. Download the latest stable Mesh Potato firmware.  You will need two files, one that ends in .squashfs and and one that ends in lzma.
  3. Download FonFlash for Windows.  Once unzipped, it should just run as an executable file.  FonFlash will prompt you for the correct firmware files. The file ending in squashfs is the Rootfs file and the file ending in lzma is the Kernel file. The firmware type is OpenWRT/Gargoyle. You will need to select the appropriate Ethernet interface that you have connected to the Mesh Potato.
  4. Once you have FonFlash loaded with the correct fields entered in the gui and have the Mesh Potato connected via ethernet, click “Flash router now!” and immediately power up your Mesh Potato. The FonFlash utility intercepts the boot-up process of the Mesh Potato and rewrites the firmware. The whole process should take less than two minutes. It can seem a little complicated the first time you do it but it rapidly becomes rote.