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Call to Configure

You don’t need a computer to configure your Mesh Potato. Just pick up the phone! Below is a list of options that you can configure through the phone interface to the Mesh Potato. Please note the default PIN code to activate IVR commands is 1234.

Dial Acronym Explanation
2661 Read out the ath0 mesh wireless interface IP address
2664 Read out the br-lan, eth0, ath1 network interface IP address
7774 RSSI Read out the rssi signal strength
2426 CHAN Set wireless channel
2662 Set the unique network IP address of the MP device – Last octet.
2663 CONF Set the unique network IP address of the MP device – Full IP.
4823 GATE Set the IP address of the network gateway used by the MP device.
6749 MPGW Set the mesh batman-adv gateway mode of the MP device.
7277 PASS Set root password of the MP device.
7466 PINN Set IVR PIN number.
9434 WIFI Set WiFi passphrase.
3427 DHCP Enable DHCP temporarily on br-lan to offer Fallback IP.
9322 WEBB Enable / Disable the web interface
73738 RESET Restore factory default configuration settings.
9999 Restart Asterisk.

IVR Command Summary

Commands which change the system configuration require the entry of the IVR PIN number for security. The initial IVR PIN number is set to 1234. This should be changed before deployment.

Commands which have a variable number of input digits will wait for a timeout period after the last digit has been input to complete the command. The command may be terminated immediately by keying in the # digit after the last command digit has been entered. Commands which require the MP device to be restarted to take effect (e.g. network settings) will
include a message advising this fact.

The 2661 and 2662 commands simply read out the IP addresses used by the MP device on the mesh and on the wifi and ethernet network carried on the mesh, respectively. The RSSI command 7774 will read out the signal strength of neighbouring MP devices. This is intended to assist with adjusting the MP device’s location and orientation for best signal from its
neighbours on the mesh.

The CHAN command 2426 sets the wireless channel used for the mesh and wifi interfaces.

The CONF command 2663 is used to set the unique network address of the MP device using the full IP number. The 2662 command changes only the last octet of the IP address. If the MP device is attached to a network and the specified IP address is already in use, the commands will fail.

The GATE command 4283 sets the IP address of the network gateway that the MP can use to access IP addresses beyond the local network, such as Internet addresses.

The MPGW command 6749 sets the batman-adv gateway mode of the MP. This setting is used to assist with efficient routing of traffic on the mesh. If more than one MP on the mesh is connected to a gateway, these MP devices should have their gateway mode set to Server, with other MP devices set to Client. If only one MP device on the mesh is connected to a gateway then it is useful to announce this device by setting its gateway mode to Server.

The PASS command 7277 sets the root account password on the MP device as a numeric string. The password should be set before the device is deployed in the field in order to disable insecure telnet and enable ssh for access to the device.

The PINN command 7466 sets the four digit IVR PIN number, which should be changed from the default 1234 before the device is deployed in the field.

The WIFI command 9434 sets the encryption passphrase used for secure wifi access as a numeric string. A minimum of eight characters is required and the passphrase should be changed from the default before field deployment.

The DHCP command 3427 activates a DHCP server temporarily on the device so that if you connect a PC via Ethernet or WiFi it will be automatically given an IP address corresponding to the MP Fallback address. This avoids having to set up a static IP on the PC to connect. The facility can be activated and de-activated with this command, and it is deactivated automatically on a reboot.

The RESET command 73738 restores the device to the original factory default settings.

The Restart Asterisk command 9999 can be useful to ensure that the telephony sub-system is initiated correctly after the mesh network starts up and Internet access becomes available for registering external SIP providers. Restart time for Asterisk is a few seconds, after which dial tone will be available.