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Get Started

Village Telco SECN User Guide by Terry GillettOk, you’ve received your Mesh Potatoes (if you haven’t, you can order them now) and you’re wondering what to do first.

We recommend you start by downloading and reading the Village Telco SECN User Guide.   Written by Terry Gillett, it is a clear and comprehensive guide to the Mesh Potato.

If you’re the type for whom reading the manual is an absolute last resort, go ahead and plug your Mesh Potatoes in.  They will automatically form a wireless mesh network.  If you browse your local WiFi SSIDs, you should see an SSID named VT-SECN-AP.  That is your Mesh Potato hotspot.  The network is WPA2 encrypted by default and the password is potato-potato.  If you connect one of your Mesh Potatoes to an upstream Internet connection that is offering DHCP, you should be able to connect to the VT-SECN-AP network and be connected to the Internet.  It is that simple.