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SECN 4.0 Firmware Available

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mp2_phone_resetThe fourth release of the Small Enterprise / Campus Network (SECN) firmware for MP02, Ubiquity and TP Link devices, designed to provide combined telephony and data network solutions is now available for download.

The major features of this update are:

  • Updated OpenWrt version to Chaos Calmer version
  • Updated stable batman-adv  mesh software to version 2016.1
  • Added factory restore function from Hardware Reset button

Unless you are running a network with some of the first generation Mesh Potatoes, you should consider upgrading to this firmware.   The new factory reset function is particularly handy in that any device can be reset to its factory firmware settings by holding down the reset button for 15 seconds.

Stable firmware is available here:

MP02 –
TP-Link –
Ubiquiti –

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