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  • Client Mode for Softphone not visible August 26, 2015
    I recently flashed SECN-2_0_1-GA01 on Nanostation M2 Loco but under asterisk I cannot set the softphone support to *client*. Is this a bug or is it because I am not using the original mesh potatoes? The attached picture shows what I see when I go under the Asterisk config.
  • Need Help August 18, 2015
    Hello can someone help me installing LibreMap? Please. I'm trying to install it in Ubuntu with no luck. Regards
  • MP02 with PoE or PoTL August 17, 2015
    buenas tarde, tengo una pregunta. El router MP02 se puede energizar por PoE o PoTL?
  • spud August 11, 2015
    Hello everyone does SPUD still works? How do you install it? Or is there a solution similar to SPUD? Regards Luis
  • David Rowe and FreeDV August 10, 2015
    Here is a link to a recent talk given by David Rowe, designer of the original Mesh Potato, on his work on a free very low bitrate codec and associated GUI-based application for the transmission of digital voice over HF. As always with David, some pretty
  • Still having problems August 1, 2015
    Hello everyone after doing all the possible tests you advice me to do and I'm still having the same problems, devices lost alot of the bandwith, I bought the openmesh equipment and done the same tests with the openmesh equipment and their cloudtrax evirorment and I don't get this loss, everythin
  • domain available in 5 days.. July 21, 2015
    if anybody would like that domain, then you can grab it in 5 days cheers sjur
  • DuNDi for asterisk on MP02 July 20, 2015
    Good evening, I need to setup DuNDi for asterisk on MP02 for my school project. For SECN 2.0 (AA), I couldn't find no .ipk file for DuNDI. I have seen the is .ipk files for some architectures in the OpenWRT trunk, and also for kamikaze 8.9.02. Would it be possible adding them to any version of
  • DHCP server giving wrong default router address July 14, 2015
    Using the outdoor Mesh Potato 2s,we set up a network where the most important nodes were .252 and .254 . The .254 acts as a DHCP server but the intended gateway router is .252 . However when the .254 node is handing out addresses it states the default router as itself even if we keep on setting
  • SIP behaving strangely on Mesh Potato 2s with telephone July 14, 2015
    We are using outdoor Mesh Potato 2s in our network setup and we managed to create a 1.2KM WiFi link. However is behaving strangely as when you are using softphones the connection is not of good quality despite being in a good range of a mounted antenna. Also when calls are made from a softphone
  • Re: single radio mesh July 12, 2015
    Hi Luis Following is what I understand you have in your test set up. Would you please confirm or change the details so we can understand and help resolve your issue. Also there are included some simple tests that you can run to help isolate the issue. 1. You have three MP2 devices A, B and
  • Basic mesh network using SECN-3_0-RC2 July 6, 2015
    Hi, I'm trying to setup a basic mesh network for testing purposes. I'm using two TP-Link router, flashed with firmware openwrt-SECN-3_0-RC2-wr841n-v9-squashfs-sysupgrade. The architecture i am using is as followed: Internet --> Router --> Node1 Node2 WIFI_PC1 WIFI_PC2 Let's say I have
  • 2 mesh un 1 MP01 June 27, 2015
    Hi to all: I want to split a big dense mesh network (around 45 MP01), is it posible to configure some mp01 in different channel or bssid and some with both configurations in order to permit all nodes can connect themselves?. Thanks, Jorge Gomez
  • Fwd: Secondary IP June 11, 2015
    Hi Dario With the configuration shown in your screenshot, you have two static IP addresses on the WAN interface. So you should be able to ping either of these addresses from another device attached to the WAN network and set up with the appropriate network configuration to allow it to work on
  • Fwd: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [OT] support batman-based networks in Argentina June 10, 2015
    Vote for AlterMundi in the Frida 2015 awards! Cheers... Steve ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Nicolás Echániz Date: Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 7:47 AM Subject: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [OT] support batman-based