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  • CsipSimple sms Functionalty Using MP2 November 17, 2015
    Hi Please advice if this has sms functionality and how to get it working? Regards, Sylvester
  • Microsoft launches fund to improve access to affordable Internet in underserved markets November 16, 2015
    fyi.. pretty cool move by Microsoft -- Steve Song +1 902 529 0046
  • MP2 to be Classroom Router November 12, 2015
    Hi I am trying to implement a classroom router and I see only the development softwares. It article says the development software are available at
  • Flash NanoStation Loco M2 November 6, 2015
    Hi I have flash Nano Station loco M2 with the following; And I got the below, I want to be able to configure mesh on the device... =============== Router Name
  • Re: secn3 for tp-link 841 V10 and 842 V2 November 5, 2015
    Hi Swen There is SECN 3 (BB) and SECN 4 (CC) test firmware available for the WR842 V2 device on the VT Downloads page here:
  • question about spud. November 1, 2015
    good afternoon, I have a NSM2 with Firmware Version: SEC-3_0-GA01 14.07 UBNT, I tried to configure it with the spud but I get the following error: root @ UB-10: ~ # batctl VM Server Error - The installed version and kernel module batctl Do not have vis support. The vis functionality Has Been
  • Multi FXO October 22, 2015
    Hello there, I was wondering if we will see MP2 with 2 or more FXO ports. Best regards
  • Mesh potato 2.0 as a wireless repeater October 21, 2015
    hello, how shall I configure the mash potato 2.0 as a wireless repeater? this is the standard configuration for openwrt the radio can be used as a client and access point in the same time, in order to extend a wireless network; thx in
  • Fwd: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [ [OpenWrt-Devel] the cerowrt project's letter to the fcc about the wifi lockdown is nearly final] October 6, 2015
    Hi all, The fact that the FCC is considering regulation to lock down device firmware is an issue that concerns us all. Please have a look at the attached and consider signing the petition. Regards... Steve Song ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Linus Lüssing
  • Questions. October 6, 2015
    good evening. Sunday install a total of 8 units of "Mesh Potato 2.0 - Phone w / external antenna." The firmware version is 2.1, can use NS2 to increase the reach of this network? and software monitor is right for this network?
  • Question Mesh Potato 2.0 - Phone w/ external antenna to PBX and Server October 2, 2015
    Hello Community, Is it possible that I can connect a Mesh Potato 2.0 with a PBX system to an external call? How do I configure the Mesh Potato 2.0 that he builds an external call? Have a network painted:
  • Howto install SECN 3 firmware on TP-Link MR3020 September 28, 2015
    Dear All, I am now preparing for our VillageTelco Deployment in Myanmar again. We will have our final deployment in November this year. After SECN ( ) firmware upgrade
  • username and password. September 27, 2015
    good day, recently we acquired 10 MP02. but when entering the web interface asks us username and password as shown in the following figure.
  • Building shared wifi infrastructure from home wifi in Phnom Penh September 25, 2015
    Dear Group, Anyone who interested to build this with us? Regards/Rithy
  • Bringing affordable communications to communities in South Africa: Zenzeleni Networks 23rd @UWC September 21, 2015
    Hi all, I forgot to share this is in the list before. In case anyone is in Cape Town, on Wednesday we are organizing this event below. I think it is of special interest to the South African colleagues the presentation from Dominic Cull about how to fit Village Telcos in the South African