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  • a test bed for a full eco-system! Do you want to administrate it? October 30, 2014
    hi folks! A thought I have about making a testbed for VillageTelco. This will allow to stress test over time new implementations of everything from dashboards to firmware and interop with other units. And of course it can be used for demonstration. I have the bandwidth, virtualization resources an
  • USe TLS on SIP Signalling for MP2 ? October 28, 2014
    Hello , There someone that is using TLS ( SIPS ) for signaling ? the MP2 is able to do that  ? regarding the power of the CPU ? Thanks for your help. Regards Daniel
  • Could this be the Bitcoin of the Telecommunications world? October 27, 2014
    Hi, Could this be the Bitcoin of the Telecommunications world? Could there be a way that Companies can get involved and sponsor whole communities. In my mind I see a "OMO" spud on every roof in Khayelitsha and an "Aquafresh" spud on every roof in Kwamashu or a "Rooi Bos" community in "Elsies Rivier"
  • Caller ID October 27, 2014
    Hello, Has anyone been able to generate caller IDs with the Mesh Potatos and if so, would you please share? Thanks
  • Wildernets 1.0 Alpha31 now available October 21, 2014
    Hi, Following on from Steve's earlier announcement, we are also announcing the availablility of Wildernets 1.0 Alpha31 that has the updated MP02 FXS support with improved off-hook/on-hook detection. If you are currently running WNETS 1.0 Alpha30, it is safe to upgrade to Alpha31 using the "preserv
  • Any latest news on spud installation page? October 21, 2014
    Hi All I would like to know about the latest on spud installation page. It is still not accessible. Regards Vusi
  • Updated firmware for MP2 Phone (Alpha 7) October 21, 2014
    Hi all, I am happy to announce an improved version of the MP2 Phone firmware.  We have had an ongoing problem with ring hook detection for some months now forcing us to build workaround code because the Silicon Labs chipset did not appear to behave as expected.  Thanks entirely to the efforts of Vi
  • Great intro on TED Blog to Steve's latest blog "Steve and TED's Excellent Adventure" October 19, 2014 Steve wrote a wonderful blog posting about the preparation, run-up, and experience speaking at TEDGlobal 2014. The link above is to an article on TED Blog that highlights his posting. I really enjoyed reading Steve's
  • afrimesh October 14, 2014
    Hi All i tried to open the spud links without success. now i want to know if the afrimesh is working. if so can install on ubuntu 12.04? Regards Vusi
  • spud and captive portal October 11, 2014
    Hi All I am trying to open the link but it is not opening. and one more question i want to install captive portal on my mesh network Regard Vusi
  • Branding October 10, 2014
    It is my understanding that the MPs can be re-branded. To that end, is it possible to order the Mesh Potatos without any Village Telco logo and name, in order to re-brand them? If so, would there be a minimum order requirement?
  • [PLEASE HELP] My network of 5 Basic MP-02s is frozing from time to time October 8, 2014
    Hello, Please help me solve the following problem: In a 4 storey building, I have an experimental network of 5 Basic Mesh Potatoes, one per floor, each one connected to the LAN (via the LAN port, static IP address). Wirelessly, each Mesh Potato "sees" at least the one above it and the one under
  • MP01 frozen October 7, 2014
    Dear all We are still battling many issues in our mesh network. We have developed a electricity consumption network in our campus. See video: Every now and then MP01s became frozen. Right now we are querying every fifteen minutes (Under good radio links
  • Questions about MP 2.0 Phone October 3, 2014
    Hi everybody! I bought an MP2 Phone last week, and it arrived yesterday to me. While playing with it, I found these three issues. Has anybody experienced them already? - Phantom answers: sometimes when an incoming call comes in, the phone rings for 0.1 seconds, then it "answers", then it immediat
  • Wildernets Wiki September 30, 2014
    Hi, I have added the beginnings of a Wiki for the Wildernets 1.0 Alpha firmware on the VillageTelco website at: There you'll find a pointer to the Download area for the firmware and a pointer to a spreadsheet that documents the default settings alo