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  • Source code for MP2 SECN 2.0 firmware? December 12, 2014
    Hi, I have bought a MP2 phone ATA and want to do some change on it. Does anyone know that where can I obtain the source code of the 2.0 firmware?
  • Problem with DNS forwarding December 11, 2014
    Good afternoon, I'm writing because I want to use the DHCP server in the MPs to froward the address of the Primary DNS. For some reason the DHCP server is providing the IP for the client and the IP of the gateway as specified in the web interface, but the the address of the primary DNS is not being
  • Call for Proposals: International Commotion Mesh Wireless Projects December 8, 2014
    Hi all, I know Carlos has mentioned this but worth re-mentioning.  The New America Foundation are offering $10k grants to support wireless network development.  Their preference is for people to use their own Commotion wireless software but it is not a requirement.
  • b/g secn November 28, 2014
    Hi All on SECN wifi mode i see 11 ng, 802.11G, 80.2.11N-G. how to set b/g . Regards Vusi
  • Busy Signal Calling Out With MP02 Phone November 26, 2014
    I have a number of MP02 Phones and all run the SECN-2_1-Alpha7 MP02 FXS 12.09.1 firmware. However, on one of them I get a busy signal each time I dial out from it to any of the other ones, although I receive calls and have clear audio when receiving. I have restored defaults and reloaded the firmwar
  • Zenzeleni Networks has been exempted by ICASA November 26, 2014
    Good morning, I just wanted to share with you that our small network in rural South Africa has gone a long way from our first problems with the external antennas. Recently, Zenzeleni Networks, helped by Ellipsis Regulatory Services, got a licence exemption from ICASA for both the deployment of infr
  • New SECN Firmware November 25, 2014
    Hi All We have been working on new SECN firmware to incorporate updates from OpenWrt and to introduce some new facilities. We now have trial firmware available based on the Barrier Breaker release of OpenWrt (SECN 3.0 r43321) as well as updated Attitude Adjustment (SECN 2.0.1 r42647) In addition
  • Maker Faire Africa 2014 November 24, 2014
    Hi all, Maker Faire Africa is in Johannesburg this year from 3-6 December. There's still time to apply to exhibit (until Nov 30th).  If you've been building something new and interesting with wireless technologies, this is
  • WiFi Regulations around the world November 21, 2014
    Hi all, In a related project to Village Telco, I am trying to build a compendium of WiFi regulations around the world (focusing on Africa first) to highlight that there is still a lot of work to be done in having WiFi regulations that truly enabled local wireless infrastructure development. You ca
  • PicoStation M as a MP02 November 21, 2014
    I would like to convert a PicoStation M to a MP02. I have seen multiple posts on the forum discussing this, but have yet to find one putting it all together. Can you refer me to a guide or appropriate forum thread? My ultimate goal is to have the Pico run the Wildernets image.
  • Update to Village Telco wiki November 18, 2014
    Hi all, You may have noticed that the Village Telco wiki looks different.  The content is still the same but the software and theme have been updated. Comments welcome. Cheers... Steve
  • Error Downloading Clients for Wildernets November 18, 2014
    I am receiving errors - "web page cannot be found" and "no such file or directory" - downloading Csipsimple and Xabber apps both on my smartphone and laptop.
  • Re: [vt-dev] USB as a file share under fat32 and NTFS November 18, 2014
    Hi Wayne There are two ways to share files from the MP02. 1. The openssh-sftp-server package is installed which supports secure ftp. From a Ubuntu machine you can use the Nautilus file browser 'Connect to Server' menu to point to the IP address of the MP and select 'Type' of SSH. Add login creden
  • USB as a file share under fat32 and NTFS November 18, 2014
    Hi I have MP02 (phone) with wildernets. How can I access a USB drive for file sharing that is set up with Fat32 or NTFS please? The device sees the drive but I cannot access. Not interested in webserver or social media but ordinary USB as a file sharing device on the net. My users are in a windows e
  • Wildernets - Admin Log In November 17, 2014
    Upgraded the firmware on a MP02 Basic to Wildernets. However, I cannot access admin page due to sign in requirement. I did not have any User and PW set prior to the upgrade, so I leave the fields blank - access denied, still. Is there a default log in to use?