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  • libremap April 15, 2016
    Hi All I have installed libremap and followed the links i can see the nodes on a libremap which i used the api. i created a file file for each node which consist the id of a node, type router, hostname, longitude and latitude cordinates and included the aliases block for the links
  • MP02 Automatic Dialing (Custom Dial Plan) April 12, 2016
    Hello, I have an MP02 and we're building out a small mesh network for a project. Our project uses menus for callers to learn what they can do from the telephone so I would like to configure the MP02 to automatically dial an extension (like #100) upon the user picking up the phone. Is this
  • RE: [vt-dev] Re: Getting SNMP to Work & monitoring usingLibrenms April 8, 2016
    Hi Please advice on this one… Regards, Sylvester From: Sylvester Chibamo [] Sent: 08 April 2016 09:51 AM To: '' Cc: Subject: RE: [vt-dev] Re: Installing Librenms Hi Thanks I finally
  • picostation sysupgrade April 7, 2016
    Hi All I managed to to do sysupgrade on nanostation m2 but when i do the sysupgrade for picostation using the bulllet sysupgrade.bin and its md5sum i got an error message that is not correct. Regards Vusi
  • upgrading from secn 2 to 3 April 2, 2016
    Hii All I have a mesh network of 7 nodes nanostation m2 and picostationm2 running on SECN 2. I would like to know is it possible to upgrade to secn 3 all the nodes? Regards Vusi
  • Mesh Potato to work with PSTN March 31, 2016
    Hi Please advice, is it possible that I can integrate an MP2 with a PSTN so that I can call from a mesh potato and vice versa. Regards, Sylvester
  • How many Ethernet pairs Can I use for Power over Ethernet March 31, 2016
    We had a setup using a phone connection box where we passed power for the Mesh Potato over the Ethernet cables but we only used one pair (2 wires). Should we change to use 2 pairs (4wires) instead of two? Does it in anyway affect performance or does it cause some sort of voltage / power drop? The
  • Flashing SECN3.0 firmware on Ubiquiti devices causes endless boot loop March 21, 2016
    A few months ago I bought a Nanostation M2 and flashed SECN 3.0 firmware. The main SECN page would load but the firmware would just be a number and not the full version name and the settings were not saving. When I tried to reflash AirOS, it did not successfully flash the firmware and instead
  • Re: MP2 Rachel March 2, 2016
    Hi Joe The VT-RACHEL device is intended to be used in a single classroom where it will support around 30 students connected by wifi. It will provide the students with access to the local RACHEL library contents over the local wifi link, so the response time is quite fast. As well as the limit
  • Racheal elibrary March 1, 2016
    Hi all. Iam planning to order few of this for my school projects. Have anyone utilised this. I would like to know more. Cheers Joe
  • Installing Librenms March 1, 2016
    Hi Has any one tried this one as i am experiencing problems to get apache working, I installed apache and installed webmin as i am new to this linux, now my webmin is not running i am getting the error below when i start apache i am getting the error below using firefox =================
  • Asterisk in MP2 periodically throws a name lookup error ... February 28, 2016
    Hello From time to time, I noticed that Asterisk was throwing an error message that I discovered when asking my self calls were taking a long time before going through. It may or may not be cause by what I found, but I discovered that it strangely coincides with the moment when asterisk fails to
  • The is a typo in potato.sip.conf in the MP2 February 28, 2016
    Hello We have found a typo in the file /etc/asterisk/potato.sip.conf It contains the following line ... dtmfmod=rfc2833 ... that should really be ... dtmfmode=rfc2833 Cheer
  • Having problem with the MP2's Asterisk DTMF detection February 28, 2016
    Hello everyone We recently started having a strange issue with one of our MP2 after updating them to SECN3. The problem is that the MP2 that seems to be fault is not able to accurately detect DTMF from a connected analog phone. I have tried it with two different phones: 1. A VTECH cordless
  • Mesh with Bullet and PC as nodes February 24, 2016
    Hi everyone. Does anybody have already set up a mesh with bullet M2 running SECN firmware and PC running Batman-adv? I'm trying to set this up but not got any results. On PC I set a bat0 interface as follow. On bullet I have it configured as the image. modprobe batman-adv batctl if add enp6s0